Nov 192011

Who Are Craig Ballantyne and Joel Marion?

Craig Ballantyne and Joel Marion are the co-creator and brains behind the 24/7 Fat Loss Workout. Craig Ballantyne and Joel Marion’s 24/7 Fat Loss Workout is new in the clickbank marketplace with good gravity and positive users feedback. You can visit the official web page of Craig Ballantyne and Joel Marion’s 24/7 Fat Loss Workout below:

Visit Craig Ballantyne and Joel Marion’s 24/7 Fat Loss Workout

Craig Ballantyne, as a co-creator of the 24/7 Fat Loss Workout, residing in Toronto, Ontario, Canada is popularly tagged as a strength and conditioning coach. Craig Ballantyne is a successful muscle building trainer and author.  According to Craig Ballantyne profile, Craig Ballantyne has authored major popular fitness training program ebook such as Turbulence Training Craig Ballantyne is also a training expert for Men’s Health and a member of the Training Advisory Board for Oxygen magazine. Craig Ballantyne profile further read that his training advice has been featured in many various magazines, including GQ, Maxim, Men’s Fitness, Muscle and Fitness Hers, National Geographic, and Women’s Health.

Joel Marion is popular by Men’s Fitness magazine and well recognized as America’s #1 “virtual” trainer.  Joel Marion belongs to group of the top 50 personal trainers in America. Joel single-handedly authored Cheat Your Way Thin which has become most poeple favorite fitness book. Joel Marion profile also read that he has been featured on various television networks such as NBC, ABC, and CBS. Joel marion also appear often as guest on SIRIUS satellite radio. Joel signature and contribution has also been featured in all over pages of more than 20 popular national news magazines like MuscleMag International, Men’s Fitness, Woman’s Day, Muscle & Fitness Hers, Oxygen, Maximum Fitness and Clean Eating.

To get the Craig Ballantyne and Joel Marion’s 24/7 Fat Loss Workout update, check the link below:

Visit Craig Ballantyne and Joel Marion’s 24/7 Fat Loss Workout Update

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