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How to Lose Weight – Low Carb Diet Secrets

How to Lose Weight - Diet Low In Fat vs. Low Carb Diets

Are you still wonder on how to lose weight amidst of lose weight product scam online? How to Lose Weight taking diet low in fat vs. low carb diets – which way. If you happened to be like me, who has tried to follow a low fat diet with the result that not only lose weight but your cholesterol, triglycerides and other indicators are triggered in the opposite direction we need , here are some guidelines that will resolve those doubts once. After more than 40 years of headlines about the benefits for the heart of the low-fat diets, most people, including many doctors, not know where to hide when they have to recommend or dieting.

For some, the changes we have seen in the idea of how diet contributes to heart disease have been interesting, but for other people these changes have generated much confusion.

How to Lose Weight – The Hypothesis of Diet

During the past 4 decades we have been told that diets that are high in cholesterol may cause heart disease. This school of thought is called the hypothesis of diet – heart.

The low-fat diets were recommended by all major health organizations and the people adopted a lifestyle of low-fat eating and healthy diet thinking. There was only one problem with this: heart disease did not decline rather, it continued to increase.

For years, low-fat diet has been failing. First, we learned that only one type of fat clearly contributes to heart disease, and that some fats & oils have some health benefits. That’s when trans fats were eliminated and olive oil are saved.

Recent studies have shown that eating a diet high in cholesterol does not have a major impact on the elevation of total cholesterol as many people have made to believe before. Then we were allowed to eat again the juicy steak, eggs and seafood.

How to Lose Weight – Low Carb Diet

Meanwhile diets low carbohydrate (sugar or flour) gave us some surprises. Although people would not believe it initially, low-carbohydrate diets lowered their risk of heart disease and diabetes.

The long-term studies show no effects of these diets despite the increased consumption of animal protein, saturated fat and cholesterol.

In fact, low-carb diets are far from being a healthy diet …is the primary reason I have failed prejudice against diets high in saturated fat and cholesterol.

These low-carb diets have been studied from every angle and what have consistently shown is that low carb diets, although they have a higher content of saturated fat and cholesterol have lower risks of coronary heart disease, all cardiovascular diseases and even Diabetes

How to Lose Weight – Does American Heart Association (AHA) Helps Matter?

What we really should matter is that despite the evidence and the insistence of the most prominent researchers in the area, American Heart Association (AHA) has not changed their dietary recommendation. Still recommend lowering the intake of saturated fat and cholesterol to lower heart disease risk.

According to the above recommendation, most doctors tell their patients to avoid low-carbohydrate diets and instead continue to recommend a diet low in fat. This only created an enormous amount of confusion for anyone who is just trying to decide what to do.

Anything that increases inflammation in the body like insulin, caused by diets high in carbohydrates, is the true risk factor for heart disease.

So when we talk about diet and heart disease, people should be assured of the fact that the best diet for preventing heart disease, ie a healthy diet is the one that is lower in carbohydrates and higher in antioxidants.

The only fat we should worry about are trans fats and high in omega 6, which is derived from grain oils: soybean oil, corn, margarine, etc.. Advice to avoid eating products with cholesterol is no longer applicable

How to Lose Weight – Saturated Fat

What about saturated fat? The fact that it is saturated fat is not a factor in raising blood cholesterol, even in the cholesterol “bad” cholesterol. In fact, in general worldwide improvement in lipid profile (total cholesterol, LDL, HDL and triglycerides) down carbohydrates, no saturated fats.

The next time you read headlines and messages about how bad they are saturated fats; remember that what really connected to heart disease is inflammation, not cholesterol or fat. To which must be very careful is to amounts of flour and processed foods that raise your insulin, which increases inflammation.

How to Lose Weight – What We Recommend?

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