Jul 102012

Study Finds Fat Men last longer in bed

fat men last longer in bedHow will you accept that fat men last longer in bed better than thin men? As difficult to believe as that fact, I implore you to read what recent Male Sexual Health expert comes up with how fat men last longer in bed. Recent study carried out during recorded the BMI of more than 100 men requiring treatment for premature ejaculation and compared with other 100 patients who did not have premature ejaculation problem.

The results showed that those suffering from premature ejaculation were thinner. The fat men last longer in bed explains the Male Sexual Health expert Dr. Jose Pablo Saffon, Director of Boston Medical Group in Colombia.

Dr. Saffon prove that the results contribute to understanding the reason for premature ejaculation. However, he did not conclude that obesity is recommended to stop premature ejaculation problem or as a lasting solution to last longer in bed. But it is essential to point out that obesity contribute tremendously to the increase in risk of many diseases including erectile dysfunction. Therefore, there is no point that last longer in bed during sex if you cannot  achieve an erection. Says by Dr. Joseph Paul Saffon.

Meanwhile Jack Grave, a popular men health researcher and expert that specialises on how to stop premature ejaculation and last longer in bed has proven working solution to the last longer in bed and achieving erection. Therefore, I advise you read his book titled Ejaculation Guru. Click HERE to Visit Ejaculation Guru Book.

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