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How to Prevent Hair Loss?

How to Prevent Hair Loss? Have you ever consider the risk factors of hair loss before? Do you have issues with how to prevent hair loss? If you are really out for how to prevent hair loss information resource on the risk factors of hair loss, you’re on the right prevent hair loss page. For some people, who consider their hair as their best asset? But for those who are suffering from hair loss as a result of risk factors of hair loss, this is not the case. Rather than being a source of pride and confidence, this same condition serves as a factor which reduces confidence in them.

However, let’s discuss how to prevent hair loss with the risk factors of hair loss that you can employ today to prevent hair loss in case you’re suffering from hair loss. I have seen an aged man and woman with beautiful hair that is envy of everyone in their neighborhood and I have seen young ladies and men that are being faced by risk factors hair loss which has reduce their self confidence to zero.

Contrary to common belief, age alone does not cause hair to fall. In fact, experts increasingly agree that there are more specific factors that cause hair loss in both men and women regardless of age, race and status in life. Studies show that it is healthy for people to lose at least 100 strands of hair every day. This is because this phenomenon is a normal part of the hair growth cycle. Usually, the stands of hair fall are replaced by a new set of hair in less than sixteen weeks to four months.

However, people who experience excessive daily hair loss should consider seeking medical advice. You can visit your doctor about this as it is very important not only to find out what causes your excessive hair loss, but also to ensure that no complications related to your excessive hair loss.

Risk Factors of Hair Loss

Hereditary as Risk Factors of Hair Loss

Experts say most people are prone to losing hair, especially if attention is paid to risk factors. It is said that the main cause of hair loss can be traced to heredity. People whose parents have genes for baldness is said that the strongest risk factor. Hair loss for these people is quite inevitable, since nothing can be done when it comes to their genes and hair loss. The thinning hair and receding hairlines usually manifest once you get older.

Terminal Diseases as Risk Factors of Hair Loss

Apart from heredity, people who are suffering from terminal diseases like cancer and autoimmune diseases such as thyroid-related risks are also more prone to hair loss due to disease weakens the immune system and affect the growth of hair. Taking medicines and medical treatment for certain diseases and conditions also increases the risk of hair loss and alopecia areata, which can cause permanent hair loss caused by stress and other infections in the environment.

Mal-Nutrition as Risk Factors of Hair Loss

People who do not pay attention to proper nutrition are at greater risk of hair loss, especially those that are low in protein intake. Pregnant women may also experience temporary hair loss as nutrition in their bodies is shared with the growth of the fetus inside. Those who are taking pills contraceptive also experience this condition due to hormonal changes that occur in the body. People often change their hair and those who use hair treatments in excess may also suffer temporary hair loss.

How to Prevent Hair Loss Starting From Today

A person who has at least three risk factors of hair loss should see a doctor to avoid further complications. It is essential that when you go to the doctor, make sure you point all your concerns so he or she can make the correct diagnosis and recommend possible hair loss treatment options for you. You may have to do some tests to find out the causes of excessive hair loss. Once all tests have been made, you will be able to know the root cause of your hair loss and the treatments for hair loss best for you. There may be no hair loss treatment to cure permanent hair loss, such as those caused by heredity and medical conditions, but there are options to reduce at least the rate of hair loss.

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