Aug 102011

Quit smoking cold turkey is proved to be the best method  to quit smoking. It employs herbs and natural aids which is one the fastest and most effective method to quit smoking. No dangerous pills, no gums, no other substitute, it is a proven method that has help many addicted smokers quit smoking. Don’t fall cheap to common believe that smoking being an addiction is hardest habit to let go. Scientifically it’s proved globally that smoking is dangerous not only to health but it is also a slow poison. Do you know that each time you smoke, you’re inhaling nicotine which enters straight into your lungs and from there it spread throughout body via bloodstream?

In fact, you may want to know what Nicotine really is. Nicotine is inhaled while smoking and it is a poisonous drug naturally exists in tobacco which is as addictive as cocaine or heroin. It is capable of affecting your blood vessels, brain, heart, metabolism and hormones. Nicotine can be more dangerous for pregnancy woman as it’s scientifically proved that it is found in cervical fluids, placenta, breast milk, amniotic fluids and blood in the umbilical cord. For pregnancy woman with smoking habit, you’re definitely passing nicotine to the new born baby right from birth. Moreover, Nicotine is an organic-based alkaloid which make it family member of cocaine, morphine, quinine and strychnine. Research says that pure nicotine could kill a human with just a few drops.

Some people believe that to quit smoking, using of nicotine replacement therapy or NRT will be effective. Wrong! Apart from the fact that it takes longer process and time consuming, it is also more dangerous. The reason being that NRTs will only break down thousands of chemicals composition present in cigarette smoke, and in the process more of nicotine is being introduce to the body system. However, you already know how dangerous Nicotine is.

There are various ways to quit smoking with natural aids. You can Quit Smoking Cold turkey. In depth analysis shows that cold turkey one of the best success rate to quit smoking. But however, you shall need a right frame of mind to achieve your goals. There are tendency that you can quit smoking today if you use cold turkey without any need for substitutes of any type.

Another effective ways to quit smoking natural ways is water. You can quit smoking with water! Drinking of at least nine to ten glasses of water per day, what will this habit do to help you quit smoking? Water is hydration so; it will keep you hydrated which keep you full. However, you must be ready to always keep a glass of water at hand constantly, that will help you when you normally reach for a cigarette you can reach for the glass of water instead. It’ll also keep your hands busy which may gradually graduate to a new healthy habit now. Meanwhile, you must be warned! Don’t walk around clubs or going to toilet where you can easily reach out to cigarette. You must also avoid been alone or feeling lonely because such event can easily tempt you and make you fall in again.

There are other various herbal products you can use that can absolutely kill your craving for cigarette with no side effect unlike pill and nicotine. Some of them are licorice root; it’s most useful for calm cravings. Research shows that it is great for stress relieving and also good for breakdown of body fat. It is believed that herbal oats are good remedy to quit smoking employ by India healers. How does an herbal oat work? It suppresses the centre of addiction by affecting the levels of neurotransmitters in the brain.

Vegetables, Sugar free gum, fresh fruit grapes, cherries and candy are generally accepted by most ex-smokers to be extremely necessary when trying to quit smoking. Most of them confesses on how it all aids there quit smoking battles. Warning: In case you’re always in smoke-free zones or smoking permitted public places, you’ve got to develop a strong willpower to really quit smoking first after which you can then always make yourself and hands busy.

The choice is yours; you can end bad breath, shortness of breath, wheezing, coughing, smelly clothes, hair and feeling of social outcast today. You can find a step by step guide to how to quit smoking even in most unsuitable environment to quit. Click HERE to access the information.

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