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Candida overgrowth has always been a difficult condition to diagnose, particularly as it was not widely recognized by doctors until recently. The symptoms of Candida are diverse and can appear in many different parts of your body. In this article, I will go through just a few of these symptoms and explain exactly how they are caused by Candida. However, if want to access download of Ultimate Candida Diet program, you can go through the link below.

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The first symptoms we’ll look at are ‘brain fog’ and headaches. Most people will probably recognize that ‘brain fog’ feeling. You wake up feeling groggy and almost hungover, then struggle through your day with a heavy head and an inability to focus. Many Candida sufferers simply put up with this, assuming that it’s a natural part of getting older. However, there is actually a clear link between these symptoms and Candida overgrowth. That link is a nasty chemical called Acetaldehyde.

According to the Ultimate Candida Diet program, Acetaldehyde is one of 79 different toxins produced by Candida Albicans. It is known as a neurotoxin because it affects the brain. This is actually the same chemical that is created when your liver breaks down alcohol. So if you think that Candida overgrowth is making you feel hungover, you are right!

When Acetaldehyde reaches your brain, it causes your blood vessels to dilate which gives you a headache. Then it blocks the normal functions of proteins, white blood cells and antioxidants. And lastly, it causes you to produce more adrenaline, worsening your headache and perhaps giving you anxiety or heart palpitations. If any of this sounds familiar, you could be suffering from Candida.

Let’s examine another typical Candida symptom – joint pain. One of Candida’s many byproducts is Uric Acid, which is actually the chemical that causes gout. Indeed, many Candida sufferers report gout-like symptoms like joint pain and swelling, often in the toes or fingers. These are caused when the Uric Acid in your blood reaches high levels and Uric Acid crystals start to form. These crystals accumulate in and around your joints, causing the swelling and pain that are often confused for gout or arthritis.

Uric Acid and Acetaldehyde are by no means the only two toxic byproducts of Candida Albicans. As I mentioned earlier, one research study found a total of 79 different toxins that were released by this nasty yeast. The Ultimate Candida Diet program goes into much more detail about the symptoms of Candida. In fact it list over 40 different symptoms that can be caused by Candida.

Of course, the great thing about identifying the underlying causes of these symptoms is that you can start to treat them. The most important thing to do is to get your liver functioning properly, and there are several different treatments that are recommended in the Ultimate Candida Diet program. Combining this with the correct diet and supplements will prevent those candida symptoms from returning.

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