Jan 212013

You already know that beating Candida is not as simple as making some changes to your diet and hoping for the best. This is even truer for those of you who have suffered from Candida overgrowth for years.

Long-standing Candida infestations are harder to eliminate because the Candida forms ‘biofilms’ in your gut. These are structures where the Candida colonies can hide from your immune system. A part of any good Candida treatment is breaking down these colonies and allowing your body’s defenses to destroy the Candida yeast cells. Take a moment to check through the Ultimate Candida Diet program download link below.

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That’s why a diet-only plan will not eliminate a Candida overgrowth. You may have seen some of these plans advertised online, but the fact is that they are simply not powerful enough to dislodge Candida. The best way to tackle a Candida overgrowth is to follow a structured treatment plan that includes dietary changes, antifungals and probiotics. Just as importantly, choosing the right supplements can make the difference between a rapid cure or many more years of suffering.

The treatment plan laid out in the Ultimate Candida Diet program has five unique stages, and it is unlike any other plan that you will find online or elsewhere. This is because it is based on the very latest research into the causes and treatment of Candida. It begins with a short cleanse, followed by a carefully structured series of dietary changes, probiotics and antifungals. Each stage is explained in detail and includes a clear timeline for you to follow.

Why are all these stages necessary? Well, the cleanse is a great way to start. It blasts as many of the existing Candida colonies out of your intestines as possible. Note that this is a dietary cleanse only (no colonics or enemas needed!). The cleanse also helps to break down those biofilms and allow your immune system to start working on the Candida.

Once the cleanse is done, you can start on the three main pillars of the Ultimate Candida Diet program – diet, probiotics and antifungals. However, these are not introduced at the same time. Why? Because this could lead to something called Candida Die-Off, when a large number of Candida cells release their toxins at the same time. The program has been designed carefully to avoid this.

This might sound like a lot of effort, but remember that ultimately your health is the most important thing that you have. And if you’re worried about it being expensive, think about the relative cost of doctor or naturopath visits. The Ultimate Candida Diet program also includes a number of Money Saving Tips that can help you save during your treatment.

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