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Overcoming Premature Ejaculation: Tips for Better in Bed

How good would be to learn how to overcome premature ejaculation and satisfy any woman in bed? Pretty good I would say, epic. Unfortunately over 30% of all men suffer from premature ejaculation, a condition that torments in private and that fails to satisfy their partners.

Premature Ejaculation – Delay Premature Ejaculation

We can define premature ejaculation as the inability of man to delay his orgasm …A lack of ejaculatory control to delay premature ejaculation to give woman orgasm. Premature ejaculation is not an illness or an illness that requires medication or treatment. In addition, premature ejaculation varies from man to man. Is not equal for all and cannot be measured with numbers and minutes. What one can measure is the overwhelming desire of these men to improve sexual performance and extend the pleasure you receive your partner.


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The Importance of Living Without Premature Ejaculation

The reality is that we live in a society in which women demand our great sex and be sexually satisfied …If they are frustrated because then live or just looking for another man who does know how to satisfy them in bed.

A man, who lives with premature ejaculation and suffering disappointment and embarrassment when sex starts to develop a low self esteem, feels bad about himself and may even avoid sex. It is important that at this time raise your brow and you stay positive, because your premature ejaculation if you can defeat. Having defeated this problem you will feel invincible and much more confident in all facets of your personal life.

Why There is Premature Ejaculation?

Premature ejaculation is the result of a lack of control over ejaculation and arousal in man. We should also note that the yield badly in bed makes a man worry more and more of his condition, which causes anxiety and stress build up for your next sexual encounter. One of the body’s natural ways to eliminate this anxiety and stress is through an orgasm, an orgasm that comes earlier than desired. As you see, is a vicious cycle that repeats.

Against Premature Ejaculation: Tips to Last longer in bed

It is important to begin to view sex as a normal, natural. No reason to get stressed out or very anxious. If for some reason if you feel stressed during or before sex then I recommend you do the following: take a deep breath to calm your nerves and focus better. Inhale and exhale 5 seconds for 5. Repeat at least 15 times. You’ll see how soon you will feel calmer.

I also want you to start living your day to day with less stress, less stressed and more relaxed. When men are stressed or live a situation that makes us uncomfortable then we tend to tighten various muscles of our body. We all do it involuntarily.

One of these muscles to maintain rigid in these situations is the PC muscle (perineal muscle), which is located between the anus and your genitals. It is the muscle that you squeeze when you decide to cut the urine. This muscle is very important because it is responsible for regulating both urine and ejaculation. When we have it pressed constantly accelerating the ejaculatory process, aggravating premature ejaculation.

If you are part of the vast majority of men who masturbate to reach orgasm fast then stop! No more! You’re out getting used to your body to seek a rapid ejaculation, early to bed. I want you to take your time when you go to masturbate, get at least 8 minutes of your time, enjoy it, know your body better and your excitement, do not force the orgasm.

The Final Solution to Your Premature Ejaculation Problem

Remember to learn how to overcome premature ejaculation just need practice to develop the ability to control your orgasm. You do this through mental and physical control. Products such as creams or pills do not help you overcome premature ejaculation. With these products you are exposed to side effects and lose your money.

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The Jack Grave’s ejaculation guru is not unique to premature ejaculation, but also for any man who wants to improve on the bed and be a better lover. Here you will find a step by step guide to give your partner multiple orgasms, last at least 15min in intercourse and the steps to please any woman in your life. To put a spin on your life, stop premature ejaculation and start living the good life and become ejaculation guru VISIT EJACULATION GURU PAGE.

Aug 162011

Is premature ejaculation your worries? Have you once been disappointed on bed by your premature ejaculation and inability to last longer? Have you started to believe that there is nothing you can do to prevent your premature ejaculation any longer? Have you been losing your self esteem and self confidence on giving woman orgasm?

Whatever might be your story as long as you have not lost your penis to accident, and it is only worries and thinking that you may not be able to get thank you for taking me from your woman in your lifetime? Relax! Read this post on how to prevent premature ejaculation in 5 ways and follow through, it might be exact solution to your premature ejaculation.

But first, let discuss what responsible for your premature ejaculation. Research reveals that most men with premature ejaculation are fond of being nervous with anxiety. That result to quick ejaculation that can be as bad as 10 seconds. Moreover, some of the premature ejaculation victims get all tense and sweaty. By this way, they start taking lots of short and shallow breaths that cause inability to last longer on bed. The proven and best way out this is taking deep breath. That will help you relax more and last longer.

Second, another study shows that over 95% of most men don’t urinate before engaging in sex and that mostly result to early ejaculation for some of them. If that can happen to men that are not been troubled by premature ejaculation, then you should understand how this contribute to your premature ejaculation. How do you control this then? Always remember to urinate before sex, that might help you a lot stop the mess.

Third, another recent analysis indicates how inability to master pelvic muscles contributes to inability to last longer in bed. You have a muscle in your genital area that you can actually use to control your ejaculation. All you need to do is to master your pelvic muscles. In case you understand how pelvic muscles work. Pelvic muscle is the same one you use to control your urine flow while urinating. If you engage in strengthen pelvic muscle by squeezing it that may help you when it comes to sex to last longer as you can control your ejaculation while engaging in sex.

Fourth, it is an established fact that in 99% of men engaging in sex has their muscles get more and tenser as they approach orgasm. And once at this tense stage the next thing is ejaculation. Therefore, muscle relaxation is exactly what you need to last longer in bed. You can delay orgasm by several minutes by consciously relaxing your muscles.

Finally, another recent research exposed that most women are not usually satisfied with first round of sex. They enjoy more pleasure and get more satisfied in second round. Therefore, if you ejaculate fast in your first round don’t worries at all, take your time to touch her until you come back again in a more relax and nervous free way. I bet you shall get thank you for taking me from her this time around.

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