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Does drug prevent premature ejaculation permanently? Did premature ejaculation serve? One of the biggest mistakes of men suffering from premature ejaculation PE is spending their hard to get money on drugs for premature ejaculation prevention. While the failure to perform in bed leads to desperation and thus a continuous search for solutions – to buy and consume drugs for premature ejaculation not only are you throwing away money but also, you’re also risking your health.

What Are These Premature Ejaculation Medications?

When I say ‘drugs against Premature Ejaculation PE, I am referring to the two methods or rather to the 2 most popular scams on the market: pills and creams. Among the more pills you see advertised are the Priligy and Super Q-Force, for the subject is the famous creams Climaxagen.

Why Are These Premature Ejaculation Prevention Medications Not Working?

The first thing to know is that premature ejaculation is a not medical problem. Last a short time in bed is not a condition that requires medical treatment. Premature ejaculation is not defined by time and numbers. It is not standard varies from man to man. This is just the longing for a man to want to extend and improve their performance in bed.

However, these premature ejaculation medications do not attack the root problem, which is the desire to learn to delay ejaculation. They do not teach you to control your orgasm, just steal your money; you get side effects and do not let you enjoy sex.

Premature Ejaculation Prevention Pills

Priligy or pills as P-Force Super anti depressants contain ingredients in their formulas. One of the side effects of some anti-depressants (e.g Prozac) is the fact delay orgasm in men. Some think this is good, but the rest of the side effects of these pills are harmful.

By taking these premature ejaculation prevention pills can you expect your eyes burn, feel the hot face, severe headache and severe diarrhea, among others. If you currently hard 15 seconds intercourse with these pills you take 25 seconds just in case. The impact on your orgasm is minimal.

These pills and anti depressants to treat premature ejaculation do not have the approval or have been approved by the international medical community or by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration, which is the office that regulates food and drugs sold in United States). That is why this will not find such Priligy sales in the United States. There are few countries left that just sell these pills do not work.

Premature Ejaculation Prevention Creams

These premature ejaculation prevention creams as Climaxagen are made of ingredients (lidocaine and prilocaine) anesthetic that what they do is numb your skin. Obviously you must apply it on your penis, so you fall asleep and stop your penis feel the carnal sensations of sex. Feeling less they assume you’ll have less urge to ejaculate.

But what we just read!? So let’s have sex if we do not feel anything? The goal of sex is simple: enjoy. If you are not enjoying not having sex and you’re having a hard time. Who wants a numb penis when fuck your wife? Definitely not me!

The worst thing is that if a woman comes into contact with these creams she too will suffer a reduction in genital sensitivity and sexual desire.

What if you’re about to fuck a girl very good but have forgotten your cream or have forgotten to take your pill? You see no use because you do not have cured the condition of premature ejaculation nor have they done to improve your performance.

These drugs for premature ejaculation are not going to teach you last longer in bed, they’ll leave with no money and also you are getting side effects harmful to your health.

Premature Ejaculation Prevention: The Best Medicine of All

To last longer in bed does not need premature ejaculation creams, or pills, or condoms retardants, or hypnosis. All you need is to learn to control your desire to ejaculate. This is best accomplished in a short but effective workout regimen and techniques to gain control over both your mind and your body at the time of intercourse.

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