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What Are The Main Causes of Hair Loss

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Main causes and treatment for hair loss: The only way for treatment for hair loss is by addressing hair loss right from the root not just treating the hair loss symptoms. There are different factors responsible for the hair loss, but let’s look at how you get to digest the hair loss symptoms first.  One of the most painful forms of scalp disorders is alopecia, also known as male pattern baldness. The symptoms of this disorder include genetically predetermined physical changes in the hair, including loss of normal force and elasticity. Finally, the hair can become thin and brittle and start falling. While this type of baldness is known as male pattern baldness, can occur in either sex. With women, however, the hairline becomes scarce.

For some people, thinning hair or baldness can even before using to appear during the puberty, being the leading cause of hair loss balance hormone, androgen excess. The inheritance is the dominant factor in male pattern baldness, as it determines that “the follicles objectives “will be subject to these powerful androgens. Hair loss in women is usually occurs after menopause due to decreased levels of estrogen and the levels comparatively high androgen in the system.


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Factors contributing to hair loss

There are a number of factors that contribute to causing hair loss, if treated, are reversible:

Stress as major causes of hair loss: Excessive anxiety, a sudden shock or physical stress of surgery or chemotherapy may also cause hair loss. Ill-health could be included in this category, or serious extended illness. In the case of a long illness, the condition of the hair can indicate poor general health. However, when their health is restored, the hair usually grows back by itself – without any special treatment.

Another major cause of hair loss is the imbalance nutrition: The lack Vitamin A and a deficient diet are proteins that provide the proper nutrients to the scalp, which affects growth capacity. For example, crash diets often cause excessive hair loss.

Impaired circulation to the scalp can also be a major cause of hair loss: If the scalp has little blood flow to the follicles is reduced and the hair “starves.” Several factors contribute to making a leather escalope hair. These include changes in climate, medication, discontinuation of birth control pills and postpartum hormonal imbalances.

Externally damage as cause of hair loss: Wash your hair with a shampoo that is too strong can gradually strip natural oils and lead to hair loss. In some cases, hair preparations and shampoos also can cause allergic reactions. Most people lose an average of 40 to 70 hairs per day. For the most part, we do not realize that we are losing hair. If your hair is healthy and inheritance is on their side, the hairs are replaced and Hair loss is not noticeable.

The first warnings signs of baldness appear when excessive fall when brushing hair. You can also find a lot of hair on the pillow, or even some thinning in the temples or the crown of your head. The more advanced signs of baldness is a definite recession line hair. Even if your genes have determined that ultimately lose their hair, there are still several steps that can be taken to retard the process.

Pregnancy causes hair loss Women: It is common for women to complete the pregnancy to experience female baldness. Usually after two or three months after childbirth, a woman will notice when watching a moderate amount of hair in your comb or brush. At this point, the hair follicles of women are in a resting phase. This lasts between 1-6 months after a woman gives birth and is resolved after the body recovers from pregnancy. Causes of hair loss in women as it can be attributed to hormonal changes that occur when a woman she recovers from pregnancy and is also considered among the leading causes of hair loss

Birth control pills cause hair loss Women: Women, young stages of his life, can experience the causes of hair loss resulting from the use of contraceptive pills. The effect of hair loss in women appears to be higher if women already have a family history of baldness. Hormonal changes caused by birth control pills can cause the onset of androgenetic alopecia. Androgenic alopecia is hair loss in women caused by hormonal imbalances. Hair loss usually occurs in women 2-3 months after suspending its use. The length of hair loss in women can be between 1-6 months and usually stops naturally. Unfortunately, in some cases, a portion of hair loss in women cannot grow back. Those are some major causes of hair loss.

Treatments for hair loss

There are various treatments for hair loss available today, some are scrap while some are very good but what Stay Healthy Plus recommends on the treatments for hair loss is a natural remedies for hair loss as it offers you hair loss treatment that is side effect free.

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