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Sexual Dysfunction in Women


Sexual Dysfunction in Women

Sexual Dysfunction in Women – What is the root cause of Sexual Dysfunction in Women? What is the Sexual Dysfunction in Women Remedies? Many women do not enjoy sex for serious problems tagged as Sexual Dysfunction in Women. Their partners should know what the sexual dysfunction in women before judging them. Usually when women avoid sex, resists or does enjoy fast to meet and farewell, the couple plan too many nonsense, from the classic “by someone else” to dangerous “hate me”, “I repudiate” or “I disgust you.” The truth is that some of this may be (no guarantee that the women of our hearts we want in the same way), but also passes-and increasingly, we are facing a serious sexual health problem to which attention is not paid.

Have you ever been aware or know that sexual dysfunction in women can create scene like this: “I’m like,” she said, armed with their right to feel. “Have you orgasm, that makes me happy,” she said, deluded, ignorant that the orgasm itself swells when your partner also lives just minutes before, simultaneously or after yours. “I enjoyed it, now leave me alone,” she said, in the highest degree of apathy, apathy without presuming what hit her, right there.

Orgasmic and sexual dysfunction in women is a serious issue. At its primary level, or more seriously, is when a woman has never had an orgasm. Research established that between 10 and 15% of women have not lived the experiences of feeling fabulous in sexual intercourse as they should.

When she has had orgasms in the past (not with another, but in another time), but now cannot, what she is facing is a secondary level of sexual dysfunction in women. Very common, very poorly served. She chooses to resign thinking that there are more important.

According to information from the University of Iowa, between 33 and 50% of women are dissatisfied with the frequency of their orgasms as a result of series of sexual dysfunction in women.

Causes of Sexual Dysfunction in Women

There are various causes of sexual dysfunction in women and some researched and common sexual dysfunction in women causes are listed below:

– A history of sexual abuse or rape.

– Boredom and monotony in sexual activity.

– Some prescription drugs, including fluoxetine (Prozac), paroxetine (Paxil) and sertraline (Zoloft).

– Hormonal disorders, hormonal changes due to menopause and chronic illnesses that affect general health and sexual interest.

– Medical conditions that affect the nerve supply to the pelvis (such as multiple sclerosis, diabetic neuropathy or a spinal cord injury.)

– Negative attitudes toward sex (usually learned in childhood or adolescence.)

– Shy to ask any kind of stimulation works best.

– Conflict or lack of emotional closeness in the relationship.

Sexual Dysfunction in Women Remedies

– Treatment by a specialist can involve education, cognitive behavioral therapy and others.

– Most women require clitoral stimulation.

– A series of couple exercises to practice communication, more effective stimulation and playfulness can help.

– Home remedies to cure sexual dysfunction in women are available online that can really help in your effort to stop or prevent sexual dysfunction in women and enjoy your sexual health with your partner.

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