Jul 102012

Study Finds Fat Men Last Longer in Bed

fat men last longer in bedHow will you accept that fat men last longer in bed better than thin men? As difficult to believe as that fact, I implore you to read what recent Male Sexual Health expert comes up with how fat men last longer in bed. Recent study carried out during recorded the BMI of more than 100 men requiring treatment for premature ejaculation and compared with other 100 patients who did not have premature ejaculation problem.

The results showed that those suffering from premature ejaculation were thinner. The fat men last longer in bed explains the Male Sexual Health expert Dr. Jose Pablo Saffon, Director of Boston Medical Group in Colombia.

Dr. Saffon prove that the results contribute to understanding the reason for premature ejaculation. However, he did not conclude that obesity is recommended to stop premature ejaculation problem or as a lasting solution to last longer in bed. But it is essential to point out that obesity contribute tremendously to the increase in risk of many diseases including erectile dysfunction. Therefore, there is no point that last longer in bed during sex if you cannot  achieve an erection. Says by Dr. Joseph Paul Saffon.

Meanwhile Jack Grave, a popular men health researcher and expert that specialises on how to stop premature ejaculation and last longer in bed has proven working solution to the last longer in bed and achieving erection. Therefore, I advise you read his book titled Ejaculation Guru. Click HERE to Visit Ejaculation Guru Book.

May 302012

Is Extreme Stamina by Jason Julius scam or legit?

Welcome to Extreme Stamina by Jason Julius review page? Are you looking for the Extreme Stamina by Jason Julius? Do you intend to know if the Extreme Stamina by Jason Julius worth investing on? Do you have stamina challenges on bed? If staying through to giving woman orgasm is your challenges on bed, it is good for you that you’re here at this time. If you’re at the point of buying into the Extreme Stamina video package download and you still doubt if the program worth its cost and you’re on this page, then good enough for you… On this very Jason Julius Extreme Stamina review page is the result of the early findings of the Stay Healthy Plus Review Team on the Extreme Stamina by Jason Julius.


Watch Free Extreme Stamina Video Presentation


Extreme Stamina Video Download Facts Sheet

Product Name: Extreme Stamina

Author’s Name: Jason Julius

Official Webpage: www.extremestamina.com

Product Download Link: Extreme Stamina Video Download

Product Format: mp4

Bonus: Available

Customer Support: Excellent

Refund Policy: 60-Day Money Back Guarantee


What is Extreme Stamina by Jason Julius?

Extreme Stamina by Jason Julius is the video only product that incorporates my Jason Julius “Ejaculation Control Triad” aim to teach men how to gain extreme stamina and last longer in bed without any feeling of tiredness. Extreme Stamina video download is created by Jason Julius. Jason Julius is popular by its post on how to give woman orgasm at orgasmarts.com for years now. His concentration has been on female orgasm and remedy to men premature ejaculation.

Statistics show that he has help thousands of guys around the world solve premature ejaculation problem and also help them with how to last longer on bed. In this new released program Extreme Stamina, Jason package video information on how to stay through and last longer on bed more than ever before for you.


Extreme Stamina Video Download Pros

Extreme Stamina by Jason Julius is made available video download making it easier and better. You won’t be starred at by those boring letter that do leave you to figure it out yourself. Rather, you’ll be run through exactly how to give your woman orgasm while lasting longer in bed with extreme stamina you could never have ordinarily believe you possess. The information inside Extreme Stamina is precise and proven effective. The method inside the program is weird and quadrupling sexual stamina that any woman is going to thank you for.

If you have ever been mocked to your face before by any woman, it will be things of the past with what you stand to gain inside the Jason Julius Extreme Stamina video download. What add extra value to this sexual Extreme Stamina program is the way that all the essential information on last longer in bed is address from premature ejaculation solution that is rare to giving woman orgasm and last longer in bed helping give woman the pleasure of her lifetime. The program video is excellent and very interesting. You’ll gain access to the Extreme Stamina video that works to solve even the worst cases of premature ejaculation.


Extreme Stamina Video Download Cons

As effective as the Jason Julius Extreme Stamina video download, yet it has its own cons. This product is adult only video content product. So if you’re less than 18 year old, you’re completely locked out of the Extreme Stamina. The landing page is a brief video presentation that doesn’t over praise the program. For the book addict, the Extreme Stamina video download may not be their favorite as the program is video only. But for those that enjoy video content program, the Extreme Stamina video download is the latest and best they can get on premature ejaculation and last longer in bed program now. However, the Extreme Stamina video download requires that you follow through to end your premature ejaculation problem and be able to last as long as 20 minutes plus in bed.


Extreme Stamina Video Download Users’ Feedback

Pre-launch statistics of the Extreme Stamina video download shows that the program is proven effective works. Feedbacks gathered so far shows that the program is a good buy program as many of the users of the Jason Sexual Extreme Stamina claim that the program has helped them end premature ejaculation and as well developed never tired last longer in bed sexual stamina. Extreme Stamina video download success rate is very high while its refund rate is very low.

However, Jason Julius Extreme Stamina is absolutely risk free program as you’re allowed to opt out at anytime you want within 60 days and get your money back while you still keep the product. If you’re serious about lasting longer in bed and ending your premature ejaculation problem today, the Extreme Stamina video is a must own for you.


Watch Free Extreme Stamina Video Presentation


I do hope this Extreme Stamina Review help you if yes,  endeavor to click through the extreme stamina video download and leave your comment below!

Aug 162011

Is premature ejaculation your worries? Have you once been disappointed on bed by your premature ejaculation and inability to last longer? Have you started to believe that there is nothing you can do to prevent your premature ejaculation any longer? Have you been losing your self esteem and self confidence on giving woman orgasm?

Whatever might be your story as long as you have not lost your penis to accident, and it is only worries and thinking that you may not be able to get thank you for taking me from your woman in your lifetime? Relax! Read this post on how to prevent premature ejaculation in 5 ways and follow through, it might be exact solution to your premature ejaculation.

But first, let discuss what responsible for your premature ejaculation. Research reveals that most men with premature ejaculation are fond of being nervous with anxiety. That result to quick ejaculation that can be as bad as 10 seconds. Moreover, some of the premature ejaculation victims get all tense and sweaty. By this way, they start taking lots of short and shallow breaths that cause inability to last longer on bed. The proven and best way out this is taking deep breath. That will help you relax more and last longer.

Second, another study shows that over 95% of most men don’t urinate before engaging in sex and that mostly result to early ejaculation for some of them. If that can happen to men that are not been troubled by premature ejaculation, then you should understand how this contribute to your premature ejaculation. How do you control this then? Always remember to urinate before sex, that might help you a lot stop the mess.

Third, another recent analysis indicates how inability to master pelvic muscles contributes to inability to last longer in bed. You have a muscle in your genital area that you can actually use to control your ejaculation. All you need to do is to master your pelvic muscles. In case you understand how pelvic muscles work. Pelvic muscle is the same one you use to control your urine flow while urinating. If you engage in strengthen pelvic muscle by squeezing it that may help you when it comes to sex to last longer as you can control your ejaculation while engaging in sex.

Fourth, it is an established fact that in 99% of men engaging in sex has their muscles get more and tenser as they approach orgasm. And once at this tense stage the next thing is ejaculation. Therefore, muscle relaxation is exactly what you need to last longer in bed. You can delay orgasm by several minutes by consciously relaxing your muscles.

Finally, another recent research exposed that most women are not usually satisfied with first round of sex. They enjoy more pleasure and get more satisfied in second round. Therefore, if you ejaculate fast in your first round don’t worries at all, take your time to touch her until you come back again in a more relax and nervous free way. I bet you shall get thank you for taking me from her this time around.

You can visit Ejaculation Guru to get first hand information on best ways to prevent ejaculation and last longer in bed.

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Aug 152011

Are you looking for how to prevent premature ejaculation that is scam free? Are you tired of not being able to last longer in bed and being snob each time you make a move for sex from your woman? If yes is your answer to these question, then, I encourage you to read and follow through this review as that may help you to banish premature ejaculation forever.

Ejaculation Guru is a digital program available for instant access and downloads in clickbank secure server marketplace. It has both video and e-book in PDF format which can be view and print on both PC and Mac systemEjaculation Guru is authored by Jack Grave.

Ejaculation Guru promises to show what you don’t know about premature ejaculation and the root cause of your own premature ejaculation. It also provide proven solution to it with live video of how a guy called Jack Grave, did to go from lasting less than 10 seconds in bed to over 35 minutes, with step by step instruction explain in Ejaculation Guru.

Unlike some of the premature ejaculation cure scam around the Net, Ejaculation Guru recorded a very low and insignificant refund rate which, means that for every customer that endure to follow through, record a tremendous breakthrough in taking control of their sex life.

The cons in Ejaculation Guru are that the product only show you the root cause of premature ejaculation and explain why you’ve not been able to last longer in bed with proven solution that you can start implementing almost immediately for outstanding result. The will to do it is in your hands, you may not be able to prevent your own premature ejaculation if you fail to follow through. It is

From the extensive personal research I did into Ejaculation Guru, I found that most users claimed that it did actually make them perform well in bed and feel more energetic and overall the product was very well received. However, Ejaculation Guru promises 60 days money back guarantee should in case you’re not satisfied with what you get.

If you’re looking for quick solution to your premature ejaculation that is scam free, then ejaculation guru video is what you’ll not like to miss because of the loaded information in this life changing video that has help so many people to get rid of premature ejaculation and inability to last longer in bed. Watch the amazing video of Jack Grave premature ejaculation breakthrough HERE.

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