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Alternative Treatment for Bacterial Vaginosis

Looking for natural and alternative treatment for bacteria viagnosis! Look no more as we present you with useful information that can help you banish bacteria vaginosis forever, if you follow through the advice on this treatment for bacterial vaginosis post.

The treatment for bacterial vaginosis generic applies once the medical evidence confirms the existence of infection, comprising administering antibiotics both orally and locally in the affected area. Recommended treatments for bacterial vaginosis can also set if there are other infectious pathogens such as Candida, both treatments can be administered together without problems.

The treatment for bacterial vaginosis usually does not exceed two weeks and in rare cases the infection remains and needs to return to. In such cases treatment for bacterial vaginosis should be repeated or make a more specific analysis to rule out any other problems that were complicating the recovery. Some women combine antibiotic creams applied in the vagina, although it is known and it was shown that oral treatments always have a better immune response. Apart from bacterian vaginosis treatments to conventional doctors, there are other natural treatments for bactarial vaginosis that help restore initial pH of vaginal flora imbalance which is causing infections. Natural treatments have shown that best results are the following:

Proven Natural Treatment for Bacterial Vaginosis

• Yogurt, due to the lactic acid bacteria it contains, is very useful for vaginal flora back to normal, since these bacteria are found naturally in the vaginal flora and are responsible for keeping under control the pathogens. When you restore the levels enabling this type of bacteria, it helps improve the body’s immune response to better fight infection. Yogurts that best maintain their properties are natural, no artificial flavors or sugar and made ​​with whole milk. There are also yogurts containing Lactobacillus acidophilus that provide an extra dose of our good bacteria. Another way to use or combine the treatment for bacterial vaginosis is to apply it topically (skin) when the infection is very large, applied in this way also gives excellent results should be applied throughout the vagina and leave the time to act, because it produces no side effects from long leave.

• Vinegar Vinegar is another natural compound that is also useful to restore the initial pH of the vagina, which serves as good alternative treatment for bacterial vaginosis. How to apply it by clyster may be administered directly or diluted in water. In a bowl of hot water is diluted a glass of 250 ml of vinegar and do squats for half an hour or twenty minutes.

• Plants that help strengthen the immune system. Echinacea has been used in an ancestral Indians for snake bites its immunostimulant, inflammatory and healing. To get good results should be consumed in supplement form, since the amounts obtained by the decoction is not sufficient to achieve the desired effects. Should be given about 800 mg daily divided into three or four shots. Treatment with Echinacea should not last more than two months because the body produces resistance to the active ingredients of the plant loses its effectiveness. This treatment for bacterial vaginosis can also be combined with various supplementations available out there. However, there is a product on Bacterial Vaginosis called BV Cures.

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